Civil War II

A nation on the reset

After a historic run

Political spectrum – sided

Divides us

Citizens take to the streets

Outbursts and riots

In question…

President-elect integrity

Brother will attack brother

Fervor and anger and intensity

Bang – Shots fired

Verbal jabs

Brutal atrocities

One left to wonder

Battling over lack of integrity

Without integrity

Leads to where?



…And Justice for All


The dawn of a new King

Cloaked in subterfuge

The Trumpet now rings

Letter in the Queen’s chest

Remain unseen

Promises of a new day

Sheep march in tow

Deception of power in our hands

Wretched promise of how it shall change

They stood


But they stood for nothing

Stone cast

Crest remains unchanged

Ideology of lies

Cast from Serpent’s Tongue

Honor and Integrity lay dead

Slain by self serving capitalism

Everyone’s to blame.

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