Grandeur illusions create fear,

Creating chaos to combat chaos,

Empowerment through victimization,

Our weapon is guilt,

Killing what we love,

Resulting in self-defeat.





September 11, 2001 – A Day to Remember

And now, twelve years have passed, and we will remember September 11th, and the cowardly terror attacks, not only on America but humanity. We will remember those who were lost and the heroes of the day, both living and deceased, who did their best to help others.

We continue to move forward, unified, as a nation, to remember our values, our culture, and who we are.

The attacks failed. The only thing that you succeeded in was strengthening our resolve.

Tomorrow – when you look into the mirror as you prepare for your day – remember regardless of your gender, your color, your religion, your occupation – you are an American. We are Americans!