Etch a Sketch


You don’t want to be wrong,
No way I can be right,
Everything torn asunder,
Pulled straight from sight.

I wonder what your life is like,
What did you learn,
Is anything different,
How many scars you earned.

I’m left to laugh,
Sharing secrets with ghosts of the past,
Watching as they run in circles,
Sometimes I feel my ship running its flag at half-mast.

I want to take this etch a sketch,
Shake it all around,
Recreate a new picture,
Hope it is more than a rebound.

Try to stand like solid steel,
Inside, powder keg of dynamite,
Like skipping of a vinyl record,
The walls burn down tonight.

Image taken from Pinterest 


Same Old Song and Dance



Happiness –

The pursuit?

The dream?

Something in between?

Is the chase better than the catch?

After the catch

What’s left to grasp

Wealth of tangible items

Leaves you feeling undone

Look in the mirror

Face what you’ve become.


A Note on Personal Growth

At this point in my life, the greatest reward I receive is, when faced with a difficult situation, making a better choice now than I did before I started my personal growth journey.

Having an anger management, those demons are always there similar to being an alcoholic or any other form of addict. As human beings, we constantly fall back on what we know and we find comfortable, even if we know it is bad for us.

It feels good to realize that potential and creates a positive feedback loop.

I’m not sure if anything else truly makes me as happy. Perhaps it is because this achievement isn’t tangible. It can’t be bought. It can only be created through hard work and an effort to change that comes from within.

I go to bed happy now – knowing the dark days persist but each day the sun peaks out a little more from behind the clouds due to my efforts to grow.


Broken Bridge

Broken Bridge

The rays of sunshine from his loving heart melted away
the iciness and cold that enraptured her soul.

All the kindness and gentle words he offered couldn’t fill
the gap in her soul to make her whole.

The underlying ire meant for another left the brittle bridge
of their friendship precariously hanging in tow.

Even after deflecting and turning her back on him,
her worst fears met,
to stand and face herself, now alone.

Image courtesy of Flickr