Don’t You Worry About Nothing


Out of the sunlight

Into the moonlight

Pushing the pony into the starry night

Don’t you worry about nothing.


We’ll find a way

Make things okay

Face another day

Don’t you worry about nothing.


Cut through the border

Restore the order

Find our own corridor

Don’t you worry about nothing.






This piece is dedicated to my father for taking me to car shows when I was a little boy and instilling a love of cars in me. I loved those times and listening to his stories.


1968 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Fastback

I dreamt and thought,

I hoped and prayed,

I wanted one so bad,

Before my dying day,

At nine years old,

With a twinkle in my eye,

I turned to my father and said,

“Dad – ponies just aren’t for little girls anymore,

And I’m going to find a way.”