Same Old Song and Dance



Happiness –

The pursuit?

The dream?

Something in between?

Is the chase better than the catch?

After the catch

What’s left to grasp

Wealth of tangible items

Leaves you feeling undone

Look in the mirror

Face what you’ve become.



Haiku – #V Challenge – Lips and Silence


The words from my lips,

Fall upon the deafest of ears,

Effect like silence.

Poem written for the #v hastag prompted by @Voetry on Twitter using the words “Lips” and “Silence.” If you are on Twitter, I’d invite you to participate in the challenges as they are a lot of fun.

Broken Bridge

Broken Bridge

The rays of sunshine from his loving heart melted away
the iciness and cold that enraptured her soul.

All the kindness and gentle words he offered couldn’t fill
the gap in her soul to make her whole.

The underlying ire meant for another left the brittle bridge
of their friendship precariously hanging in tow.

Even after deflecting and turning her back on him,
her worst fears met,
to stand and face herself, now alone.

Image courtesy of Flickr