They Fell


They all fell.

Some fell in love,

Others fell to pieces,

A few fell victim,

Regardless of the emotion,

Each was brought to their knees.


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Living Life Lifelessly – Alliteration Challenge


Battle brews beyond boundaries,

Heart held hostage,

Fear forms frozen feelings,

Winds whip wild whispers,

Same situation, same story,

Earning early endings,

Order of only one,

Living life lifelessly.

Another piece for the Beasts of Articulation alliteration challenge for the week of July 5th!


Memories Were Made

Image Copyright 2015 - Jarrod R. Champagne

Image Copyright 2015 – Jarrod R. Champagne

Image Copyright 2015 - Jarrod R. Champagne

Image Copyright 2015 – Jarrod R. Champagne

I’m now a shell,

Viewed from far away,

But in these walls,

So many memories were made,

They laughed,

They cried,

The place where Grandpa died,

Sprawling land,

Cozy nook,

Old climbing tree,

Small kitchen where they cooked,

Thanksgiving and Christmas,

Each and every birthday,

Secret diaries,

Puppy love,

First crush,

Leading to first heartbreak,

Panel behind the closet door,

I kept those secrets locked away,

I sheltered each of you,

Growing from babies,

To sweet little children,

And into such beautiful ladies,

As you moved out on your own,

Development won the land,

Abandoned I became,

Soon I will be torn down,

But do not shed a tear,

Remember me fondly in your memories,

Because in me your lives were built,

Don’t be afraid,

There in your heart,

I will always stay.

This house sits off of Route 17 in Fredericksburg, Virginia. It has always intrigued me being that the land around it now contains an Arby’s and a 7-11 convenience store. When the house was in its prime, I imagine the land was very different. It is apparent that no one has lived in it for many years. I have always liked abandoned buildings and homes. I always tried to imagine what occurred there and the history surrounding the area.


The Final Stand


Why did the bubble pop,

Didn’t go as far as I thought,

Jacob’s Ladder won’t reach the top,

The carrot fell to my feet,

Tortured like Sisyphus,

Stuck in a mode of repeat,

I just need repose,

Make the nightmares end,

Just close my eyes, I suppose,

I want out of this maze,

This is my final stand,

No need for sunny days.




Image courtesy of flickr

Image courtesy of flickr

Glass full of red wine,

Placebo to fulfill the soul,

Glass and soul empty.