Hush, Hush, My Darling

Hush, hush, my darling

Spare your breath

Save your words

What you want to say

I’ve always known


Hush, hush, my darling

Close your eyes

Rest your worried mind

Soothe your troubled soul

Time for pain now comes to a close


Hush, hush, my darling

I’ve got your hand

You are in my heart

Here I will keep you

But now I have to let you go.




Ragin’ Cajun

For my friend Georgette Ann who has recently decided to take down her blog. Her words and writings will be missed. Please visit her blog to read her words. It won’t be up for much longer.


Beautiful poetess,

Words weave like a web,

Indelible impressions you’ve left,

The master of the shortest rhymes,

Thank you for the words you’ve shared,

I’ll miss you Ragin’ Cajun,

Cry no more tears,

Remember the journey is a long one,

The past is a mark of where we have been,

The future is not written in stone,

Be well my friend.

Image courtesy of pinterest