On the 8th Day


On the 8th Day

God crushed creation

He had held it in his hand

Just to start all over

Bring it forth again

On the second 7th Day

God rested

Admired what he done

Man had other ideas

Blinded by money and power

The wars had just begun

On the second 8th Day

God crushed creation

Only to start it over again

But the human condition was critical

To kill and crush and quell

Not even God

Could rectify the eternal hell

On the third 7th Day

God rested realizing what he had done

The will of man works in both ways

Evil and righteousness

Free will at stake

The center line was drawn.


Image 1


The Holocene


We want change

But defy the odds

To make things the same

How we advance



Still have Faith

I want to believe

But in what?

200,000 thousand years of evolution

(Human) Condition critical

Whatever you believe

No one escapes

The coming Holocene.




Thought to be the top of the food chain,

I’m left to ponder why,

Only species to kill each other for sport,

Dying for gold and God and lies,

I’m only left to laugh,

At such hubris and pride,

I carve our epitaph in stone,

As a tear rolls out of my eye,

“Here lies man,

For he created his own demise.”