Are Your Dogs on a Leash?


Many years ago, I had two dogs. While standing outside my own home with the dogs on a leash, I had this conversation with a lady and her husband who were approaching with their own dog on a leash.

Lady: (Coming around the corner about 50 feet away) Are your dogs on a leash?
Me: Of course, it’s the law.
Lady: Oh, well I didn’t know, I couldn’t see.
Me: (no reaction – just look at lady)
Lady: Well you don’t have to be smart about it!
Me: (confused look at lady)

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“We Took Her to the Hospital….Then We Went to Hooters!”

Alright. So more fun adventures with Kenny this week at work!  By the way, he did inform me he got his werewolf costume for Halloween!

So this past Tuesday, Kenny asked me how my weekend was, and after answering, I returned the question.

“My brother and I had to take my sister-in-law to the hospital,” he told me.

“I’m very sorry to hear that!” I said.

“She had to have her wisdom teeth out,” he informed me.

It struck me as odd that someone would go to the hospital to get their wisdom teeth out so I inquired further on the matter.

“Yeah,” he began, “they were rotten so they had to yank them out and then throw them out in the trash can.”

“Oh, well I will keep her in my thoughts!” I exclaimed.

“Yep. Thanks,” he said, “oh, and after that we went to Hooter’s.”


Where were we before this and what were we doing? I forgot…

Knowing that no woman that has EVER walked the face of the planet would approve of this behavior I had to ask him again to make certain I had heard what I thought I heard.

“So let me get this straight,” I began, “you took your sister-in-law to the hospital to have her wisdom teeth removed, then after you dropped her off, you and your brother went to Hooter’s?”

Just remember - the more you tip the more I like you! :)

Just remember – the more you tip the more I like you! 🙂

“Yep,” Kenny said.

“Good times,” I said with a little sarcasm.

“Good times,” Kenny said.

Cause of the wings and your love of owls....right?

Cause of the wings and your love of owls….right?

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