Dreaming velvet sleep

Dreaming black others not me

CPAP certainty

(Rights to Cartoon belong to Bill Abbott)


Open No More

All through my life

Reached out my hand

Bared my soul

Only to be told

It made me less of a man.



Lack of self control


My penance

Fury you couldn’t command.


Don’t reach for my hand

Just like the door

What was once open

No more

Time to take a stand.


Red balloon

We all float down here

Time to face your fears

Got exactly what you wanted

Ah, sweet irony – isn’t life grand?


Line in the Sand


They asked me to draw the line in the sand. I refused. I told them the entire beach was mine. Lines were made to be crossed and boundaries to be torn down. I’m limited by only my fears, insecurities, and imagination. Waves wash lines in the sand away. Moot words create wasted actions and wasted actions are idle time.


Image courtesy of Flickr

Beauty – Six Word Story


Beauty can’t beheld by poisoned eyes.

This is a photo of Lizzie Velasquez. About 9 years ago, someone posted a video clip to the internet called “The Ugliest Woman In The World” which featured pictures of Velasquez. Little did the creator of the video know (or likely care) is that Lizzie suffers from two rare diseases, Marfan and lipodystrophy, which doesn’t allow her to gain weight. She is also completely blind in her right eye. Comments on the video included viewers encouraging Velasquez to “kill herself” and wondering why her parents would keep her.

Lizzie was crushed but owned the situation and has now become a spokesperson for acceptance of oneself and inspiring others with body image issues. To read more about her story check out this link.