I shared this in another piece but wanted to single it out here.

When the morning had come

The flowers were laid

There will be no more tomorrows

No more memories to be made

Just a legacy to honor

For this was his death day.


One Night

Unmade Bed

Things get convoluted

The words get in the way

Too late for love

Never kept you from

Knocking on my bedroom door

When you feel afraid.


I can clean up your mess

I won’t make it go away

A few hours of pleasure

Leaves you in the same way

I told you that I’d love you

If you would find a way to stay,


When I wake up in the morning

Left with only hollow thoughts

And a down feather pillow

Sorrowful note

Apologies soaked in tears

The same to be written

Next time you come around again.


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Valentine’s Day 2016

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! A day for hearts and love!

Heart Ann Nancy Wilson

You know what I meant…not the band “Heart.”

I hope each and every one of you enjoy the day regardless of whether you spend it with a “special someone!”

Happy Valentine's Day

That’s more like it! 🙂

I will be spending Valentine’s Day watching people run away from Walkers as the cat and I will be catching up on The Walking Dead (good times…right Suza?). Speaking of love, I just got back into bed with Comcast Cable a month ago and now have cable for at least a year as the result of this one night stand. I’ve been following the show on Netflix and now need to get through the first half of Season 6 on the AMC marathon to be ready for the premier on Sunday night!


Valentine’s Day Plans? I’m sorry Miss…I’m…um…taken, right! But thanks anyways!

Having always been a romantic at heart, I’ve always enjoyed Valentine’s Day. But, be sure to show that special someone love all through the year, just not on February 14th!

My songs for Valentine’s Day are the following:

For the romantics:

“It’s Love” by King’s X

For those that aren’t fans of the day:

“It’s Not Love” by Dokken

And what the hell, “What About Love?” by Heart

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