Valentine’s Day 2016

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! A day for hearts and love!

Heart Ann Nancy Wilson

You know what I meant…not the band “Heart.”

I hope each and every one of you enjoy the day regardless of whether you spend it with a “special someone!”

Happy Valentine's Day

That’s more like it! 🙂

I will be spending Valentine’s Day watching people run away from Walkers as the cat and I will be catching up on The Walking Dead (good times…right Suza?). Speaking of love, I just got back into bed with Comcast Cable a month ago and now have cable for at least a year as the result of this one night stand. I’ve been following the show on Netflix and now need to get through the first half of Season 6 on the AMC marathon to be ready for the premier on Sunday night!


Valentine’s Day Plans? I’m sorry Miss…I’m…um…taken, right! But thanks anyways!

Having always been a romantic at heart, I’ve always enjoyed Valentine’s Day. But, be sure to show that special someone love all through the year, just not on February 14th!

My songs for Valentine’s Day are the following:

For the romantics:

“It’s Love” by King’s X

For those that aren’t fans of the day:

“It’s Not Love” by Dokken

And what the hell, “What About Love?” by Heart

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I Wonder…

I don’t know you but I’d surely like to. I wonder if you have noticed me because you are all I see these days. It took me a little time, and some help from a friend, to figure out your name. Your sweet smile warms up the room and is what I blame for melting the recent snow. If someone has captured your heart, I’d like to know, because if not, I am going to capture it and never let it go.


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Dedicated to Carissa and Amanda and others who still believe, even if you aren’t sure what you believe in anymore.


She still believed

Even if there was nothing to believe

And no one believed in her

She still would proceed

Even if all paths

Led to nowhere

And hurdles could not

Be overcome

She’d still try

Knowing that sometimes

We have to leave behind

The dissenters

Who always will leave

The fruit on the vine to die.


Because a little humor (and a friend) never hurt anyone..


Where Love Begins


The evening was brisk but her company and the conversation kept things warm.

There were too many beer bottles lying around to count. How many had we drank and how long had we been out here? I noticed the flame from the chimenea reflected off the bottles on the ground as well as her eyes.

She looked off into the distance and I startled her with my question.

”Where do you think love begins?” I asked.

“I think it begins with good company and a bottle of Jack,” she said in a teasing manner.

“I’m being serious,” I replied. “Does it begin with a kiss?”

“Oh come on, you know that’s how babies are made,“ she said mockingly.

”If that is the case, you must have a lot of children, because you sure have kissed a lot of toads,” I said, taking a gentle shot.

I knew she was quick on her feet and would come back with something of her own. She is very witty and I’ve always liked that about her.

”Hmm,” she said, taking a hit off her longneck. “Well I don’t have any children – at least that I know about.”

The comment made me laugh heartily – not only the comment itself but the fact that she remembered the Carol Leifer bit where it came from. My laugh made her break into a smile knowing she had gotten to me.

”Good to know!” I managed as a meek comeback in between laughs.

“Have you been in love before?” she asked with a serious tone in her voice.

I pondered the question a minute.

”I think that I thought I was in love, but perhaps was not actually in love,” I said. “I think I was maybe in love with the idea of being in love – or at least with the idea of what I wanted love to be.”

She sat silent and took another hit off the longneck but remained silent.

”Have you been in love before?” I asked.

”No,” she said flatly.

“No?” I asked somewhat surprised by her answer. I knew she had dated around a little and a few of the relationships were serious.

”No, I have never been in love,” she clarified sarcastically. “Did you expect a different answer?”

”I guess I did but I didn’t know why,” I noted.

”Hmm,” she pondered.

She turned and smiled at me and put her hand over mine. Her touch was cool from the night air but warmed up quickly on top of mine.

”What are you thinking about?” I asked her.

I could tell her mind was working cause she batted her eyes at me then looked back at the flame.

”I suppose neither of us are qualified to answer the question of “where love begins” then,” she said calmly.

With that, she wrapped her fingers between mine as we toasted her words with a “clang” of the longnecks and took a sip in unison.


“Yeah…I’ve Seen Him Around Before…”

I used to go to a dentist who was very affable and outgoing. The only problem with that is it is difficult to partake in a conversation when the dentist is working in your mouth.

So, one day, while filling in a chip that had occurred in my front tooth, the dentist happily chatted to me in a one-sided conversation as I could only listen as my mouth was held open by some sort of medieval contraption.

Let's play 50 questions. I will go first.

Let’s play 50 questions. I will go first.

A young woman, brunette and attractive, walked over to where I was seated. It was obvious she was a hygienist or something with a similar title. Our eyes locked for a brief second.

“Oh,” the dentist exclaimed noticing the woman, “Jarrod, this is Ashley. She is one of our best workers and she is going to take care of you.”

Obviously not being able to speak, and feeling awkward, I politely waved at Ashley as to introduce myself.

“Do you know Jarrod?” the dentist asked Ashley.

Ashley hesitated for a second and squinted her eyes at me while she slowly moved her hand to her hip.

“Yeah,” she said coolly, “I’ve seen him around before.”

With that, Ashley walked off. And, that was how I met Ashley from the dental office.

So we heard you have dental insurance?

So we heard you have dental insurance?

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