I Hear Black

Too much is never enough
Always wanting more
Who is wrong?
When everyone thinks they’re right
Let’s all pray to God
See who He answers first
Blinded by lies
Calls of

Tsk, tsk
What one feels in their heart
Determines what is right
So many lines drawn
Each side willing to die
Freedom of religion
No freedom of mine

In the mind’s eye
Life through our own prism
Tells us we are right
Guides by voices
Somewhere in the night

Ah, but I have spent a lifetime
Others not willing to listen to my song
Laugh in contempt
Tell me reasons I am wrong
For me, an island
Left alone to play

Pickup your gun
Bring your God
Bring your bomb
Meet me at the finish line
You’ll see what you have done

Dance my children
Go to play
I hear black
Satan will say
Choose who is right
None of it matters anymore
Breath your last breath
I’ve opened Hell’s Door
For here all of you will stay
In flames, you will perish tonight.

Painting by Hugh Syme


Jesse Ventura for American President?

The 58th American Presidential election is coming up on November 8, 2016! Incumbent Barack Obama will have finished his two terms and it will be time to elect a successor!

But who will be nominated? Who will represent the major political parties?

Will Hillary Clinton become the first ever female president and follow in the footsteps of her husband, William Clinton?

Will Donald Trump’s business background and successes help him win the hearts of the American people and the election?

Will Jeb Bush be the third Bush to be President of the United States of America following his brother and father?

Will there be a dark horse?

Will Florida again tangle with the chads? Will they be hanging?

So many unanswered questions!

But the real question on everyone’s mind…Will former Navy Seal, professional wrestler, action star, and governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, make a run at the White House?

Well, let’s hear from the man himself!

(Warning: This video contains some adult language. If you are an adult, it is likely okay for you to watch it!)

(Double Warning: After the message from the Governor, the video will go to other videos on Funny or Die!)