In Ruins

I often wonder what was more foolish – we built something on cracked joists and broken beams with expectation of strength or created a façade of beauty to hide away the ugliness inside.

Only specters remain of what would have been. A forgotten time – a forgotten place built on the promise of potential. Cracks in the foundation only wilt under pressure and strain – imploding on one’s self. We laid waste to our hopes and dreams only to reveal the decay and untold truth inside.

Desolate reminders that everything has its time and its place and nothing lasts forever, only snap shots of memories captured in time.

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…And Justice for All


The dawn of a new King

Cloaked in subterfuge

The Trumpet now rings

Letter in the Queen’s chest

Remain unseen

Promises of a new day

Sheep march in tow

Deception of power in our hands

Wretched promise of how it shall change

They stood


But they stood for nothing

Stone cast

Crest remains unchanged

Ideology of lies

Cast from Serpent’s Tongue

Honor and Integrity lay dead

Slain by self serving capitalism

Everyone’s to blame.

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One Act Festival on Tap

I have been having a lot of fun the last couple of months as I am participating in Stage Door Productions‘ 9th Annual One Act Festival. The Festival is a collection of short plays that are submitted from playwrights all over the world! A group of readers then select the final plays to be considered. Directors then choose the plays they would like to direct! This year there were about 400 plays submitted!

I participated last year as both a director and actor, directing a One Act and acting in another. The production is geared so that new actors and directors can become involved to learn the craft. This year I am again directing a One Act and acting in another.

The play I am acting in is called “Face to Facebook” and was written by Mark Harvey Levine. It is about a couple that goes on a date. Social media unfortunately keeps the couple from socializing as Marvin (my character) continually pays more attention to his phone than his date Amanda. Another woman plays the physical manifestation of the telephone, who becomes the object of my affection.

The play I am directing is called “The Things She Kept.” It was written by Aoise Stratford. It is a very poignant story of two sisters who are sorting through their recently deceased mother’s items in the attic. They reminisce about their mother and growing up in a single parent household as their father was killed in an accident. As they discuss and reflect, they begin to find items that are unfamiliar to them and seems to hide a secret that perhaps holds the answers to why their mother was the way she was.

Though I love acting, I have really enjoyed the directing aspect as well. It is a challenge to bring a writer’s words to life and a different task to see the stage from the other side of the actors.

In this case, I have worked with three very talented young ladies that have worked tirelessly to bring this show to life. Stage Door Productions asked us to take some candid photos of us rehearsing and the ladies and I did so last Tuesday. I’d like to share them with you!



Bringing “The Things She Kept” to life during rehearsal!


(L-R) Kaitlin Gates, Meghan Gates, and Margo Weber – the stars of “The Things She Kept”


Me in an “Awkward Prom” photo with one of our stuffed animal props! (The photo “idea” came from the ladies!)

The actresses hamming it up for the camera!

If you are local and want to check out the show in Fredericksburg, Virginia, click here for ticket information. The show will run April 7-9 and and April 14-16 at 7:30 PM.