December 21, 2015


Image copyright Jarrod R. Champagne, 2015.

This is my cat, Dandelion, and this is apparently how she sleeps. Or perhaps she is nursing a hangover. I can’t tell. This might explain why the Malbec in my wine bottle is slightly lower each day I come home. Orange cat syndrome in full effect.




As I lay me down to sleep,

I send up a prayer for the meek,

Restless repose,

Quiet, yet full of sound and fury,

Difficult to find rest,

With my heart so full of worry,

Where my thoughts lie,

Always moving in a hurry,

Can’t shake these feelings,

No matter what I try,

Hug my pillow tightly,

Piece together the why,

How can I find sweet slumber?

With my mind so scattered.