Back in the Saddle…Again

So, I haven’t done much writing the last few years. But I still love writing and want to continue to write. I’ve been busy as I am sure you have been as well. I have been progressing in my journey and working to achieve my goals.

When I first started this blog I had mentioned I really didn’t know what I was going to write about – I just wanted to write. In time, I found my voice and perhaps one could argue my niche. I met a lot of cool people and immensely talented writers who both challenged and inspired me. I found it therapeutic to write. As a community, we shared, we learned, and we grew. I found so many interesting blogs. I learned about new perspectives, cultures, and ideas. Some writings made me laugh and some made me cry. Some challenged my perspective. I have missed writing and I have missed the community.


I still have writing goals. A lot of my goals were very simple –  just to write and to grow and I want to continue that. I don’t know who is out there. Writing for me was never about catering to an audience. It was always about helping me grow personally and to find my voice both literally and figuratively. So, if you are out there, then welcome back as I can’t wait to reconnect. If you are new, then welcome! I can’t wait to interact.

I really don’t know what is waiting for me on the other side. Since I started this blog, I feel like attitudes have changed greatly. Everyone seems angry about everything all the time. Social media has given everyone a voice – for better or for worse. We can all definitely agree changes are needed. There is always room for improvement. But I don’t want to be angry and I don’t want to argue. I have spent so much of my life arguing and it is emotionally and mentally exhausting. I promised myself that the second half of my life wouldn’t be spent feeling angry, miserable, and stressed out. Life is too short. We never know when that flame is going to be extinguished from our candle. I enjoy discussing and banter but I am not sure if that is still a possibility – logic seems to be out the window these days. I guess time will tell.

It is hard for me to believe it has been almost six years since I started this blog! Six years! At times, I have felt like I had a lot to say and at other times not so much. But I always knew this medium was waiting for me here and I loved it. I loved knowing I could express myself in a manner that was positive and would help me to move through how I felt.

If we haven’t spoken in a while, I hope your journey is going well and you have been to navigate the peaks and valleys.

I am looking forward to sharing my journey with you.






Colin Kaepernick

It is the beginning of fall in the United States and that means the beginning of American professional football. Football is by far the most popular sport in the States – both professional and college. Kick off weekend occurred last week and as one might expect, big name players made headlines. But the largest headline was made by San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick for his decision to sit, and now kneel, during the United States national anthem, which is routinely played before all sporting events here in America.

The last couple years in America have been marred by the deaths of African American males at the hands of law enforcement. Major cases have included the Freddie Gray case in Baltimore and the riots in Ferguson, Missouri. In turn, rogue individuals have turned the tables on law enforcement, including an ambush by a sniper in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Fingers have been pointed and the resulting actions only seem to perpetuate more force and violence by individuals on both sides of the line.

Kaepernick has decided that the United States flag represents freedom to him and in his words which I am paraphrasing, there is no longer freedom in America and social and racial inequality exists. Since the representation of the flag is no longer being met, Kaepernick no longer feels he needs to honor it.  For a full explanation of his feelings, allow Kaepernick to explain in his own words. (Note: this video is long at 18 minutes but since I am going to present my opinion – it is only fair to present Kaepernick’s as well).


Colin Kaepernick (number 7) and teammate Eric Reid take a knee during the playing of the national anthem during a game on September 12, 2016 (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

So, when the American national anthem is played and the colors are presented, Kaepernick takes a seat or takes a knee. As one might expect, this has made national headlines and every Dick and Jane from every walk of life has come out to either bury or defend the quarterback. Some support has come from surprising corners as some members of the American military have supported Kaepernick and his actions. Others have questioned his motives and wonder if this is some sort of ploy to be traded to another team. (Kaepernick recently lost his starting job) Some players have taken notice and also opted to sit or kneel during the anthem. Some African American players have opted to stand but place a fist in the air. Even entire teams have gotten into the act. The Seattle Seahawks, noted arch rival of the San Francisco 49ers, decided last weekend they would stand in unity with arms interlocked during the anthem. The Pittsburgh Steelers opted to have all members of their team stand as one of their players, Alejandro Villanueva, is a captain in the United States Army, an Army Ranger, and was awarded the Bronze Star for valor. The entire Washington Redskins team left the sidelines to assist military personnel in holding a giant United States flag during the anthem.  In contrast, almost an entire high school team in New Jersey knelt during the anthem.


Members of the Seattle Seahawks stand with arms interlocked in a sign of unity during the playing of the American national anthem before their game on September 11, 2016 (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

So let’s break this down.

Kaepernick is right. There is racial and social inequality in America. Hell, it is everywhere and has been. Does this excuse the behavior? Of course not. If you watched the video above, whether you feel his actions are merited or misguided, Kaepernick has given a lot of thought to his actions. One has to wonder whether others have as much or merely created a copy cat effect.

The sweet irony of this entire situation is that the very flag Kaepernick has decided not to honor, has granted him the freedom to be able to pursue his feelings and show case them in his demonstration. And he is certainly within his right to do so. Kaepernick has demonstrated peacefully, which he is allowed to do under the first amendment of the American Constitution. This is in stark contrast to the many demonstrations we have seen recently that have ended in violence. Ironic, since these demonstrations are protesting against violence.


Members of the Washington Redskins assist military personnel in holding the American flag during the playing of the American national anthem before a game on September 12, 2016 (Twitter)

Kaepernick is a celebrity and he has a voice and a podium. One has to wonder, though, if he truly wanted to try and elicit change, why would he not take more of an active approach rather than a passive one? Why would he not use his voice and celebrity to go into the communities and create awareness and education through discussion? Maybe he is. I am not certain but I haven’t heard of it. Yes, he recently made a pledge to donate one million dollars of his own money to charities that seek to improve their community. This is certainly very generous and commendable under any circumstances.

Kaepernick is certainly entitled to his opinion and his ability to speak it without fear of being arrested or harmed. Again, the irony that this right is guaranteed under the flag.

So no one disagrees there is racial and social inequalities in the States. No one disagrees there needs to be change. The real question here is the method and ultimately, the flag. Individuals are seeking to determine what the American flag represents to them and this is where the disagreements occur.

For me, the American flag represents a collection of ideas – freedom, courage, bravey, honor, integrity, hard work, trust, faith, and valor. Does everyone in this country exude that? Of course not. But I believe in the ideals of this country and what it was founded on. And I believe in the blood that was spilled by those that worked to build and defend this country. And that’s where I differ from Kaepernick. I agree with his assessment but disagree with his medium. I can’t turn my back on those that died, including my own grandfather, who I have written about many times. I can’t turn my back on those ideas. I accept things are not perfect but it doesn’t mean I accept the behavior. I also work to try and change things. I don’t have the celebrity Kaepernick does or the reach his voice does but I do believe in the ripple effect. I can make changes in my own area with those I interact with and attempt to influence them to be better. But I can’t hope. Hoping leads to idle hands. And hoping things improve equals nothing.


Pittsburgh Steelers Tackle Alejandro Villanueva (Image: Philadelphia Eagles)

For those characteristics I listed – freedom, courage, bravey, honor, integrity, hard work, trust, faith, and valor – I will stand for the flag and I will honor it for this is what it means to me. I will honor the blood that was spilled. I will honor the memory of those that served and died. I will not excuse the behavior of many that violate these ideas nor will I turn a blind eye but I will not let the actions of few destroy my faith in many.

What does the American flag mean to you, and if you are not American, what does your country’s national anthem and flag represent to you?


Iwo Jima Memorial in Arlington, Virginia




The Weak


Under Darwin, the weak eliminated themselves under the umbrella of pity, despair, and insecurity. Now, we hold the weak up like martyrs on a pedestal under the guise of some facade they have created in their minds. We apologize for their insecurities and take turns holding up their pedestal since they have no to legs stand on themselves. They manipulate us like marionettes and we give credence to their warped views reinforcing shadows and ghosts there were never there.

September 11, 2016


Today is September 11, 2016. It has been 15 years since the terror attacks on America. Every day I think a lot about the day and what it means to me and to our country. Each year I try to think about a different angle in regards to the event. Today, I thought about how kids that are now 15 years of age (or close to it) were not born when the attacks occurred. For my generation, this event is our “Kennedy” or “Lennon” or “MLK” or “Vietnam.” I wasn’t alive during these events and while I understand the significance of the event and what occurred, I can’t feel it. I can’t feel the grip it had on the nation or experience what it meant in that moment. And neither can these kids for 9/11. It is an event in a history book. Talks of terrorism of Al-Qaeda and Isis is all they have ever known, even if they are too young to understand the concepts.

As time marches on, we will move further and further from that fateful September morning and more and more people will pass on that were once alive during that day. At some point, much like the Civil War, World War I, and the like, these will be events in a history book we read about. We won’t be able to feel the power of these events. But, it is important to keep alive the memory of those that died on that day and the many, many heroes including the first responders at all locations and those passengers on United Airlines Flight 93 who fought to divert the plane from its intended target and sacrificed themselves for the greater good of the Nation. We honor heroes and their memory and legacy lives on long after their lives have passed. We may not be able to understand the context of an event in history but we always understand heroes – that never passes.

We honor your memory, sacrifice, and bravery. May you rest in peace.

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Line in the Sand


They asked me to draw the line in the sand. I refused. I told them the entire beach was mine. Lines were made to be crossed and boundaries to be torn down. I’m limited by only my fears, insecurities, and imagination. Waves wash lines in the sand away. Moot words create wasted actions and wasted actions are idle time.


Image courtesy of Flickr