I Hear Black

Too much is never enough
Always wanting more
Who is wrong?
When everyone thinks they’re right
Let’s all pray to God
See who He answers first
Blinded by lies
Calls of

Tsk, tsk
What one feels in their heart
Determines what is right
So many lines drawn
Each side willing to die
Freedom of religion
No freedom of mine

In the mind’s eye
Life through our own prism
Tells us we are right
Guides by voices
Somewhere in the night

Ah, but I have spent a lifetime
Others not willing to listen to my song
Laugh in contempt
Tell me reasons I am wrong
For me, an island
Left alone to play

Pickup your gun
Bring your God
Bring your bomb
Meet me at the finish line
You’ll see what you have done

Dance my children
Go to play
I hear black
Satan will say
Choose who is right
None of it matters anymore
Breath your last breath
I’ve opened Hell’s Door
For here all of you will stay
In flames, you will perish tonight.

Painting by Hugh Syme


On the 8th Day


On the 8th Day

God crushed creation

He had held it in his hand

Just to start all over

Bring it forth again

On the second 7th Day

God rested

Admired what he done

Man had other ideas

Blinded by money and power

The wars had just begun

On the second 8th Day

God crushed creation

Only to start it over again

But the human condition was critical

To kill and crush and quell

Not even God

Could rectify the eternal hell

On the third 7th Day

God rested realizing what he had done

The will of man works in both ways

Evil and righteousness

Free will at stake

The center line was drawn.


Image 1

The Spoils


Fredericksburg Battlefield

American Civil War May 3, 1863, Fredericksburg, Virginia, Second Battle of Fredericksburg – Confederate Dead Lining the Stone Wall at Marye’s Heights.

When the last stone has been cast,

The last shadow has past,

Brother will kill brother,

Man will kill man,

Ares’ laughter rolls like thunder,

As red coats the land,

To the victor goes the spoils,

As the fighting is done,

But who will be left to collect,

None to speak of.


The Day We Went To War

In war, there are no unwounded soldiers. ~José Narosky Image courtesy of www.businessinsider.com

In war, there are no unwounded soldiers. ~José Narosky

This is the day we went to war,




Cast everything you know aside,

Draw the line,

Join a side,

Or become an enemy of the state,

This is the way we went to war,

No regret,

Heaven sent,

Living Hell,

This is the price we paid for war,

Love lost,

Lives changed,

What once was known,

No longer remains,

This is the way we endured the war,

Give or take,

March on,

Hope for God’s grace,

This is the day we went to war.