Irradiate Me


Your smile,

How it irradiates me,

Like sunshine cutting through the gray,

All sunken memories,

Days filled of rain,

Plunge to depths,

Even Jules Verne wouldn’t roam,

Provides me hope,

Broken hearts can mend,

People can change,

With a flip of the coin,

No matter the odds,

Heads or tails,

We always win.

#V Poem Challenge – Sliver and Nestled


Nestled within my soul,

Passion I can’t control,

A sliver of courage to ask your name,

But a flash of that smile,

I melt all the same.

Poem written for the #v hastag prompted by @Voetry on Twitter using the words “Nestled” and “Sliver.” If you are on Twitter, I’d invite you to participate in the challenges as they are a lot of fun.


It’ll Help You Pick Up Women

With the long holiday weekend just concluding, I didn’t make time to do my weekly grocery shopping at Target. I went tonight but didn’t stop at Firehouse Subs.

I made it to the frozen foods aisle and happened upon a mother and son shopping. The son was looking for something on the top shelf and was jumping feverishly up and down in attempt to see if the item was there.

“Well, I see the spot for the chocolate eclairs but I can’t tell if there are any there,” said the mother, also trying to peer into the slot.

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Watching this occur and realizing how much the young boy wanted the chocolate eclairs, I decided to help out. Being six feet tall, it was easy for me to reach the top shelf.

“Let me have a look and help out,” I said. “I see the chocolate eclairs but I’m unsure how many boxes are there. How many would you like?”

“Just one,” said the mother. The little boy began jumping up and down again, this time out of excitement.

“There you go,” I said with a smile, handing the mother the box.

“Thanks!” she replied with a smile for me and her son.

The boy appeared to be about 10 to 11 years old and I peered at him.

“You will likely be able to do that very soon,” I said to him.

“Oh, yes,” his mother said tapping him on the head, “his father is six foot two and grandpa is six foot five.”

“Being tall will help you out one day,” I said to the boy, “it’ll help you pick up women.”

The little boy just shrugged, clearly not at an age to understand where I was coming from and perhaps with a mind on those chocolate eclairs.

“It will all make sense in a couple of years,” I smiled and said.

The mother covered her mouth, turned a little red, smiled, and laughed at her son’s perplexed look.