Back in the Saddle…Again

So, I haven’t done much writing the last few years. But I still love writing and want to continue to write. I’ve been busy as I am sure you have been as well. I have been progressing in my journey and working to achieve my goals.

When I first started this blog I had mentioned I really didn’t know what I was going to write about – I just wanted to write. In time, I found my voice and perhaps one could argue my niche. I met a lot of cool people and immensely talented writers who both challenged and inspired me. I found it therapeutic to write. As a community, we shared, we learned, and we grew. I found so many interesting blogs. I learned about new perspectives, cultures, and ideas. Some writings made me laugh and some made me cry. Some challenged my perspective. I have missed writing and I have missed the community.


I still have writing goals. A lot of my goals were very simple –  just to write and to grow and I want to continue that. I don’t know who is out there. Writing for me was never about catering to an audience. It was always about helping me grow personally and to find my voice both literally and figuratively. So, if you are out there, then welcome back as I can’t wait to reconnect. If you are new, then welcome! I can’t wait to interact.

I really don’t know what is waiting for me on the other side. Since I started this blog, I feel like attitudes have changed greatly. Everyone seems angry about everything all the time. Social media has given everyone a voice – for better or for worse. We can all definitely agree changes are needed. There is always room for improvement. But I don’t want to be angry and I don’t want to argue. I have spent so much of my life arguing and it is emotionally and mentally exhausting. I promised myself that the second half of my life wouldn’t be spent feeling angry, miserable, and stressed out. Life is too short. We never know when that flame is going to be extinguished from our candle. I enjoy discussing and banter but I am not sure if that is still a possibility – logic seems to be out the window these days. I guess time will tell.

It is hard for me to believe it has been almost six years since I started this blog! Six years! At times, I have felt like I had a lot to say and at other times not so much. But I always knew this medium was waiting for me here and I loved it. I loved knowing I could express myself in a manner that was positive and would help me to move through how I felt.

If we haven’t spoken in a while, I hope your journey is going well and you have been to navigate the peaks and valleys.

I am looking forward to sharing my journey with you.






Line in the Sand


They asked me to draw the line in the sand. I refused. I told them the entire beach was mine. Lines were made to be crossed and boundaries to be torn down. I’m limited by only my fears, insecurities, and imagination. Waves wash lines in the sand away. Moot words create wasted actions and wasted actions are idle time.


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A couple of you have asked me about reblogging my work and the inability to find the means to do so. Unfortunately, something has happened with my blog (likely in my theme) and the reblog option is currently not working.

This is most unfortunate as I am truly flattered that people would like to share my work and my words. I have reached out to WordPress concerning the matter and they are working to fix it.

In the meantime, if you’d like to reblog my work you are welcome to copy and paste as long as you credit me with the original post and provide a link to my work. I’d also appreciate it if you left me a comment noting you are doing so. Or, if you would rather wait, please bookmark the work(s) of your choice and I will provide an update when I know more.

Thank you to everyone for reading me and being a part of my community.


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Can I Help You Guys?

With all the snow we had yesterday, we had a delay today and didn’t have to come into work until later. This knocked me off my eating schedule. I also am not feeling well today and actually cut my workout short. On the way home, I was really hungry and figured I would stop by Panera for something to eat including some soup.


I got into line and saw only one other person in it besides a gentleman standing near the counter that appeared to be waiting on someone.

“Sir, excuse me, are you in line?” I asked the gentleman.

“No, I’m waiting on something I ordered, but thanks,” he replied.

Fair enough.

I waited in line until the cashier greeted me.

“Hi! Can I help you guys?” she gleefully said.

I was confused as she clearly was making eye contact with me but I was alone. To be certain, I looked around to see if perhaps she was speaking to someone else. To my surprise, standing at my right side, right on my hip, was a young woman who couldn’t have been more than 16 years old. She was standing close enough to me that the cashier thought we were together, in some capacity.

I remembered her coming up behind me out of my periphery but perhaps she was actually there before I was, maybe just off to the side. I started to walk towards the cashier and to my surprise, so did the young woman.

My immediate thought was to say something along the lines of “I’m not with her” but I realized that seemed not only rude but insulting. Instead, I tried to be cordial.

“I’m sorry….you can go ahead,” I said to the young woman, trying to be gentlemanly and diffuse what now seemed like an awkward situation.

“No, it is okay, you can go ahead,” she quickly replied.

Maybe this would have been a better way to solve the line issue? I think I might have won. Image courtesy of

Maybe this would have been a better way to solve the line issue? I think I might have won.
Image courtesy of

So, I did. And, surprising to me, she followed me, right by my side up to the counter. I tried to ignore the obvious weirdness. Apparently, even the cashier was confused as well.

“Hi,” I said to the cashier, “I’d like to place an order for here.”

“Hi,” she replied, “would you like to place an order for here?”

“Yes,” I said.

“You already said that, didn’t you?” she quickly added.